Aquarelles / Watercolours : Florals, Wildlife, Waterscapes

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Orford Ness lighthouse

👀 Time-lapse video extract of my Cyclamen watercolour painting process  🎥  :

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Inspired by Southwold beach huts
Alcea Ficifolia (fig-leaf hollyhock)
The Pirate Tower of Laguna, Victoria Beach
The white cliffs on Rügen island
Ribbon dancer (or how to recycle a colour test sheet of paper!)
My ‘Bigger Splash’
Best friends bring out the best in you
My nautical-Mondrian fashion design… Ahoy!
‘All Things Must Pass’
Big fish in a small pond, or small fish in a big pond?
Final step: watercolour & ink – Pink Granite Coast, Brittany
Step 2 : watercolour without ink
60’s fashion (Mondrian style, with secondary colours instead of primary ones)
Step 3 : watercolour based on a scene from French movie “La Collectionneuse” by Eric Rohmer (1967). Just love 60’s s style, fashion and cars like this Mini Moke
Step 2 : watercolour without ink
The original scene from movie “La Collectionneuse” (1967) with Haydee Politoff
Art Nouveau Roses design
Art Nouveau Iris design
Whatever floats your boat…

2 thoughts on “Aquarelles / Watercolours : Florals, Wildlife, Waterscapes

  1. C’est totalement différent des fanarts, mais quelle maîtrise du dessin également dans tes aquarelles. Je suis impressionnée.

  2. Gorgeous watercolours *_* Keep it up !

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