Aquarelles / Watercolours

*** NETIQUETTE : please ask my permission or cite my name/source before taking or using any of my pics : I’ve worked hard enough on them. BTW, saying “thank you” doesn’t hurt anyone either…

*** NETIQUETTE : merci de me demander la permission ou de citer mon nom d’auteur/source avant de prendre ou d’utiliser mes images : j’ai passé suffisamment de temps à bosser dessus. Et dire “merci” en passant, ne fait de mal à personne…












Ribbon dancer




RIP, Dolores 😔🌹






















My ‘Bigger Splash’






Best friends bring out the best in you










My nautical-Mondrian fashion design… Ahoy!







Taj Mahal, monument of eternal love


‘All Things Must Pass’

Big fish in a small pond, or small fish in a big pond?




Final step: watercolour & ink – Along the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany

Step 2 : watercolour without ink

step1 – Along the Pink Granite Coast, Brittany









‘Mrs Peel, we’re needed!’


Flowers, Bubbles and Dreams


Third Eye… Eye of Wisdom



My Best Of 2017



‘I’ve Seen That Face Before’



60’s fashion (Mondrian style, using secondary colours instead of primary ones)


Style icon… Male perfection *** My favourite actor of all time…


We need silence to be able to touch souls











What’s the time ?
Watercolour & origami paper collage of ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem, in her famous 6 o’clock ballet move































Step 3 : watercolour based on a scene from French movie “La Collectionneuse” by Eric Rohmer (1967). I just love 60’s s style, fashion and cars like the Mini Moke ! A fun era ✿✿✿




Step 2 : watercolour without ink









The original scene from movie “La Collectionneuse” (1967) with Haydee Politoff







‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ 🎬 One of my favourite movies, so I painted this watercolour. It’s based on two different posters that I thought would work well together in the same image. Then I painted the original Italian title (Onyx font), which was no piece of cake🙃



My version of Jean Shrimpton’s Medusa ‘Sun’ hairstyle














Art Nouveau roses design







Art Nouveau Iris


















Fact is, wild poppies will become just as imaginary as fairies, pretty soon :-/


That’s why she’s called ♛ “Queen” Kate 👑 … (Kate Moss)












“Do I know you?” …(Duchess Marina Seminova from ‘Corto Maltese in Siberia’ by Hugo Pratt) *** Voir en vidéo l’extrait de “La Cour Secrète des Arcanes” :



BB initials














Blue Hair Day











Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)


Que serait le monde sans Chapi Chapo ? 🙂



Purple bloom











Whatever floats your boat…

























Child in Thyme 😉



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