Aquarelles / Watercolours : Portraits & Fanart

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Mera, Queen of Atlantis

Style icon, male perfection #CaryGrant

What’s the time ? *** Watercolour & washi paper collage of ballet dancer #SylvieGuillem, in her famous 6 o’clock ballet move

My painted version of Jean Shrimpton’s Medusa ‘Sun’ hairstyle B&W photo by David Bailey

That’s why she’s called ♛ “Queen” Kate… #kateMoss

BB initials… #BrigitteBardot

‘Mrs Peel, we’re needed!’

Dolores O’Riordan 🌹

‘I’ve Seen That Face Before’  #GraceJones

‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ 🎬 One of my favourite movies, so I painted this watercolour. It’s based on two different posters that I thought would work well together in the same image.  Also hand painted the original Italian title (Onyx font)

“Do I know you?” …(Duchess Marina Seminova from ‘Corto Maltese in Siberia’ by Hugo Pratt) *** Voir en vidéo l’extrait de “La Cour Secrète des Arcanes” :

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)

Que serait le monde sans Chapi Chapo ? 🙂